Realizing the Full Therapeutic Potential of the Apoptosis Pathway

BAX Activator

BT-001 is an oral small molecule activator program targeting the BCL-2 associated protein-X (BAX). The protein is active in leukemias and lymphomas with high unmet clinical need. In combinations with venetoclax (or other BCL-2 family inhibitors), in vitro and in vivo studies have shown synergistic effect providing an approach for treating resistant tumors.

BCL-XL Inhibitor – Platelet Sparing

BT-002 is a discovery program focused on the BCL-XL protein which is strongly expressed in multiple solid tumors. Our BCL-XL inhibitor is being designed to be platelet sparing, thus overcoming the historical challenges of thrombocytopenia associated with inhibiting BCL-XL. This is enabled using our CoDynX™ platform and our knowledge of the pathway to target interactions that would be challenging to elucidate with traditional structural biology.

BAX Inhibitor

BT-003 is a discovery program focused on inhibiting the BAX protein. Inhibition of the BAX protein is implicated in neurodegenerative and age-related diseases (and recently clinically validated in ALS). Our knowledge of the BAX protein and our suite of computational tools are allowing us to build selective next gen BAX inhibitors to tackle various diseases correlated with aging.

Other CDP Programs

We also aim to target other pathways with high-impact, ‘undruggable’ conformationally dynamic protein targets as we expand our portfolio. We actively explore partnerships with leading academic scientists and industry partners who bring strong pathway expertise that complements our discovery platform.