BAKX Therapeutics

Drugging Conformationally Dynamic Proteins (CDPs) Has Been a Challenge

Although they have been historically considered “undruggable,” conformationally dynamic proteins (CDPs) play an important role in disease biology and represent enticing drug targets. Traditional discovery methods, and even modern crystallography techniques, often fail to identify trigger sites or mechanistic and structural information for these rapidly changing proteins. But new methods pioneered by BAKX’s team provide important insights about CDPs that are enabling us to successfully identify and develop novel small molecule drugs in well validated pathways.

BAKX Has the Right Team and the Scientific Platform to Target CDPs

BAKX’s proprietary CoDynX™ Discovery platform brings together deep pathway knowledge, highly advanced computational techniques and industry leading experimental biology to drug conformationally dynamic proteins in validated biological pathways.

Our integrated drug discovery platform is built on work by Yibing Shan PhD, a founding member of DE Shaw Research and a world leader in computational chemistry, and Eviripidis Gavathiotis PhD, a chemical and structural biologist renowned for his work on CDPs, and extensive expertise in oncology.

We Apply Our Platform to Key Biological Pathways Including Apoptosis

Leveraging unparalleled pathway knowledge from our scientific co-founders Evripidis Gavathiotis PhD (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) and Loren D. Walensky MD, PhD (Dana Farber Cancer Institute), our initial focus is on the intrinsic mitochondrial apoptosis pathway that regulates cell life and death.